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  1. The Little Book of Confusables a review

    14 December 2022 by Ruth Sedar

    Ruth Sedar’s a big fan of the latest book by fellow copywriter (and ProCopywriters member) Sarah Townsend. Here’s why.

  2. 7 essential books every freelancer should read

    21 July 2021 by Graeme Piper

    Graeme Piper’s rundown of must-have books for freelancers

  3. #ProCopyChat with Glenn Fisher (All Good Copy)

    8 August 2018 by Helen Bridal

    Join us on Twitter to ask your questions and find out Glenn’s tips for writing sparkling copy that sells.

  4. Book review – May I have your attention please? by Mish Slade

    20 February 2017 by Dawn Kofie

    Short, snappy and upbeat, this book’s target audience is anyone suffering from Flat Copy Syndrome, and who wants to sound more human and engaging.