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  1. The Little Book of Confusables a review

    14 December 2022 by Ruth Sedar

    Ruth Sedar’s a big fan of the latest book by fellow copywriter (and ProCopywriters member) Sarah Townsend. Here’s why.

  2. 7 essential books every freelancer should read

    21 July 2021 by Graeme Piper

    Graeme Piper’s rundown of must-have books for freelancers

  3. 8 things I took from The ONE Thing

    3 November 2020 by Amy Boylan

    Amy Boylan shares her takeaways from Gary Keller’s book about using focus to achieve your goals.

  4. Book review – Content DNA by John Espirian

    7 July 2020 by Sara Donaldson

    Is John Espirian’s book worth your time and money, or is it just a bunch of business bumf? Sara Donaldson shares her view.

  5. Book review — Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

    16 April 2020 by Alice Hollis

    Find out exactly what it is that makes an idea memorable or interesting in Alice Hollis’ review of Made to Stick.

  6. Book review – The Invisible Grail: How brands can tell better stories

    13 June 2016 by Helen Keevy

    Helen Keevy reviews the second installment in John Simmon’s trilogy of business writing books.