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  1. Tighten up – overused or misused words and phrases

    13 April 2022 by Hannah Rooke

    Hannah Rooke’s tips for cutting out words that don’t add anything to your copy

  2. “I’m on annual leave”

    12 April 2022 by Leigh James

    Out of office messages don’t have to be dull! There’s room to add some personality says Leigh James

  3. How poetry and rhythm can help you write powerful copy

    30 May 2019 by Editor

    Richard Spencer from A Thousand Monkeys discusses how rhythm has a powerful effect on your copy.

  4. Make your copywriting memorable with the number three

    28 May 2019 by Editor

    Lauren MacNeish explores the power of three – and how it can make your copy more effective.

  5. Are you getting these 19 common expressions wrong?

    20 June 2018 by Editor

    Sarah Townsend’s rundown of frequently made word blunders and mix-ups.