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  1. Is it OK to start a sentence with ‘and’?

    9 August 2022 by Editor

    Not everything you learned about writing when you were at school is right says Rob Davies

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    16 November 2021 by Leigh James

    Leigh James delves into the origins of everyday expressions

  3. How to steer clients away from hyperbole and boost their customer engagement

    12 October 2021 by Catherine Jones

    Catherine Jones spells out why exaggeration, puffery and empty business jargon make for truly terrible copy

  4. Why we need to stop using war metaphors to talk about illness

    11 January 2021 by Louise Shanahan

    Is using military metaphors helpful when we’re talking about sickness and disease? Louise Shanahan doesn’t think so.

  5. Suggestive biscuits and strangled eggs – reimagined words

    3 July 2020 by Leigh James

    Leigh James explores the pleasures of playful language

  6. Why grammar pedants hate me

    21 November 2019 by Jo Watson

    Jo Watson has no time for grammar pendants. Here’s why.

  7. Write like you talk. Nuff said

    2 October 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    You don’t have to use stuffy, formal language in your content. Matthew Drzymala explains why.

  8. Everything before the but is bollocks

    12 September 2019 by Leigh James

    Leigh James shows how using ‘but’ can stop you getting your point across.

  9. Why writing clear content sometimes means embracing your inner Anglo-Saxon

    23 August 2019 by Editor

    What’s the Battle of Hastings got to do with effective copywriting? Tom Cross explains.

  10. Why do people insist on using certain words incorrectly?old books opened out and laid face up.

    19 June 2019 by Alice Hollis

    Alice Hollis takes us through some of her word-related bugbears.

  11. Speak another language? You could offer multilingual copywriting

    12 December 2018 by Fuschia Hutton

    Fuschia Hutton on how having another language may help you add a string to your copywriting bow.

  12. How to write like a bloody personA white robot holding an Ipad.

    4 July 2018 by Editor

    No-nonsense advice from Andy Nattan on banishing jargon and corpspeak from business writing.