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  1. Simple writing is better writing

    20 June 2023 by Ettie Bailey-king

    Ettie Bailey-King explains how to write in a way that’s more inclusive and what the benefits of this are

  2. How to steer clients away from hyperbole and boost their customer engagement

    12 October 2021 by Catherine Jones

    Catherine Jones spells out why exaggeration, puffery and empty business jargon make for truly terrible copy

  3. Why clarity may not always be the answer

    17 March 2021 by James Gillam

    James Gillam examines the problem with clear, but nuance-free, messages.

  4. Write less, say more: a refresher guide to plain English

    18 November 2015 by Editor

    Caitlin Milne tackles the topic of plain English in our latest copywriting primer.