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  1. How to stop analysis paralysis from getting in the way of your writing

    20 September 2019 by James McCann-Ellerington

    James McCann-Ellerington on how to ditch the excuses and start writing.

  2. Why can’t you just do it? The truth about procrastination

    28 May 2019 by Karen Evennett

    How do you overcome procrastination and get things done? Karen Evennett has some advice.

  3. Easily distracted? Try these simple tips to help you focusTimelapse image of people crossing a busy street.

    13 February 2019 by Karen Evennett

    Karen Evennett on ways to make it more likely that you can get in the zone when you want to get stuff done.

  4. Why procrastination isn’t (always) bad

    2 July 2018 by Editor

    Is Andrews explains why using delaying tactics (instead of plonking your backside in your chair and getting on with writing), can sometimes be a positive thing.