Why writing for print is still as exciting as ever

Dianne Vanstone

Blue Book Creative

Print is not dead! It is still alive and well in the digital age, and it has an essential, invigorating and unique role to play.

You might think print marketing is a little in the shade, but there are many occasions when handing out a beautifully written and designed broAll Postschure, leaflet or postcard is more effective than pointing someone to a website or sending them an email.

If you dismiss print, I’d argue that you’re missing out on fantastic opportunities to not only get your target customers’ undivided attention, but to enjoy a fantastic creative challenge. 

Getting seen in the crowd

When you craft an email campaign as a copywriter, you want people to say ‘wow this is what I want’ and have them scurrying to your client’s website. It’s easy to send an email, especially when you’re able to talk about an amazing offer or product, but every company on the planet is doing it.

As soon as you hit ‘send’, it flies into a sea of emails. We all know how blind we’ve become to emails. I’m not sure I even read them, as I often just skim over the images and press delete. Your email is like a fan at a crowded concert desperate for the lead singers’ attention.

But let’s imagine your amazingly-written email prompts someone to your client’s website. Woohoo!!! But… Once again you’re competing with other websites that do exactly what your clients do and may even shout about it louder and better. You’ve got into the lead singer’s dressing room but all the other fans look like you. What makes you stand out?

That’s why you need a full marketing toolkit to reach those ideal customers. Get the website looking and sounding sharp, make sure social media is reaching the right audience… but also… consider print!

5 unique benefits of print in the digital age

I like print. Who doesn’t appreciate a great quality printed brochure coming through the letterbox? The smell and the tactile nature of print is wonderful, but it’s more than that. Here are five reasons why print rocks!

It’s personal

Emails, even personalised ones, are regarded as impersonal. A brochure, even an unpersonalised one, is so much more considered. Getting a physical birthday card through the post is more memorable, and means more, than a digital card.

A brochure can target specific messages to a specific audience in personalised campaigns. You can be creative, and showcase your clients’ incredible USPs.

You can say more

When everyone is busy and bombarded by the competition, the rule with digital is ‘less is more’. With print, you can take time to demonstrate why customers need your client’s products or services.

It’s a copywriter’s dream! The luxury of having a whole spread dedicated to beautiful images and copy. WOW! You can make it creative and engaging. 

Get your customers’ undivided attention

No banner ads in the background or competitors popping up in the search, print means you have your customers’ undivided attention.

For 10 minutes you can sit down with your ideal customers and ‘chat’ with them. What an opportunity! This is where as copywriters we want to get the tone of voice just right and make sure the ‘conversation’ is natural and not too pushy.

Print means you’re established and serious

The fact that a company has taken the time and effort to print beautiful-looking and exceptionally-written brochures demonstrates that they’re serious. We’re increasingly bombarded with scam websites and emails. Print shouts dependability, quality and commitment. 

Brochures stick around

If you make your brochure beautiful, it won’t get thrown straight into the bin. You can have an amazing website, but once someone clicks off, it’s gone. Brochures stick around.

You’ve got into the lead singers’ dressing room and you’re there for days, maybe weeks! A constant reminder that you’re the one to choose.

I began my career writing for print and I love the creative challenge of making a brochure, prospectus, leaflet or postcard the best it can be. It’s a completely different challenge to digital marketing and it’s still exciting and relevant.

Print rocks. Print isn’t dead.

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