Member Spotlight

05 Sep 2016

Vicki Lovegrove-Fray

“You are not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, change it.”

31 Aug 2016

Beth Townsend

“Please don’t work for free. It is unlikely to lead to great things and you’re telling people your work has no monetary value.”

24 Aug 2016

Neil Barraclough

“Don’t marry a wimp. Having a partner who understands your ambitions is invaluable.”

18 Jul 2016

Peter Rylands

“I chose copywriting because it involved what I enjoyed doing: reading new things, editing and writing.”

22 Jun 2016

Doug Nolan

“I’m most proud of turning a computer and a desk into an income.”

28 May 2016

Eloise Ghirlando

“Know your worth. There are always going to be writers out there who will charge less than you, so you need to be confident of the value you bring – and the fact that you are unique.”

16 May 2016

Joanna Brown

“Be excellent. Read a lot, write every day, don’t be discouraged by the writing battery farms, keep developing your skills, and use social media.”

27 Apr 2016

Jenny Catton

“If writer’s block strikes, it probably means I’m trying to write too soon.”

15 Mar 2016

Jackie Harris

“Never be afraid to ask a client ‘obvious’ or stupid questions.”

01 Mar 2016

Anthony Abdool

“Connive, convince, con or cajole your way into the best places to learn your craft.”

16 Feb 2016

Anna Gunning

“You need a thorough understanding of what makes writing persuasive.”

02 Feb 2016

Chris Alden

“I think content structure is the most overlooked part of copywriting.”

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