Member Spotlight

01 Mar 2016

Anthony Abdool

“Connive, convince, con or cajole your way into the best places to learn your craft.”

16 Feb 2016

Anna Gunning

“You need a thorough understanding of what makes writing persuasive.”

02 Feb 2016

Chris Alden

“I think content structure is the most overlooked part of copywriting.”

05 Jan 2016

Brian Jenner

“I like having the time to graze for good ideas.”

17 Dec 2015

Caitlin Milne

“I love writing case studies and giving people a chance to tell their stories.”

03 Dec 2015

Leif Kendall

“If you don’t leap you’ll never know if you can make it.”

19 Nov 2015

Kirsty Marrins

“I like having to be creative in 140 characters”

05 Nov 2015

Pawel Grabowski

Favourite writing task: “Finding that perfect sentence to open up a piece with.”

22 Oct 2015

Munizha Ahmad-Cooke

“Don’t undervalue what your skills are worth.”

08 Oct 2015

John Espirian

“Nobody ever complained that some piece of copy was too easy to read.”

24 Sep 2015

Rochelle Bugg

“Copywriting is as much about people as it is punctuation.”

10 Sep 2015

James Morgan

“You can sound professional without being dull.”

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