We welcome contributions to our blog from members. Please email editor@procopywriters.co.uk if you have an idea for a blog post that you think other members would find interesting and useful. Letting us know about your idea gives us a chance to check it’s not duplicating a topic we’ve covered recently, or are about to.

Your post could be completely original or one that you’ve written for your own site and would like to republish here. If you republish a post, you must own the copyright in the content, or have permission from the copyright owner to republish it. Include a link at the end of the post to the original, saying something like ‘Originally published at TopWords’.

Helpful hints

  • Keep our aims in mind. PCN is about sharing useful knowledge, stimulating debate and supporting your fellow copywriters. In terms of this site, we want to build a repository of content and knowledge that will help us all to prosper as a profession. Think about how your post will help those aims. Blog posts need to be at least 300 words long. If your post is shorter than that, it might be better shared on our Forum.
  • Choose your subject carefully. Have a look at our blog categories (listed on the right of the main blog page) and decide which one you’re aiming for. Then check that category to see whether someone else has already covered your topic. When you contact us about your blog post idea, we may not be able to take it forward right away if the subject has been covered recently or if we feel it’s too derivative.
  • Keep it clean and civil. Constructive criticism is fine; ad hominem attacks on other PCN members aren’t. Don’t type anything you wouldn’t say, whether in a post or a comment.
  • Don’t spam. You can link to any third-party sites you want in order to clarify or illustrate your points. Posts with affiliate links (any link through which you stand to earn commission from traffic or sales) are liable to be deleted permanently. This includes Amazon links.
  • Don’t self-promote. This isn’t LinkedIn Discussions. Please don’t write a post that whose main aim is to promote yourself. News about yourself is OK, provided other copywriters are likely to be interested. You can link to your own site once from each post.
  • Sorry, but we don’t pay for blog posts. We’re pleased to offer PCN as a platform for members and selected guests to share their views and showcase their writing, but we’re not in a position to offer payment for your post. We accept posts originally published elsewhere so we can publish lots of great copywriting content without requiring people to write something exclusively for us (unless they want to, of course).
  • We don’t accept paid placement either. By the same token, we don’t accept advertorials, native advertising or other promotional content on our blog. We can promote your job vacancy with a post in our jobs section for a flat fee.

How to submit and publish a post

The PCN site runs on WordPress, so if you’ve used that platform before, this will all be very familiar.

  • Go to your dashboard and click ‘Write a blog post’. This will take you into the ‘Add New Post’ screen of WordPress.
  • Give your post a title in the top box, and write the content in the larger box underneath. It’s a bit like Microsoft Word, with buttons for different formatting options, creating links and so on. Use Heading 3 for subheadings.
  • You can also write your content in Word and simply paste it in here. Headings, formatting and links will all be carried over.
  • All posts need an image, so it would be really helpful if you could add one to your post. Please only use images for which you own the copyright, or that are sourced from free image sites. It’s polite to link to the source if you use a free image.
  • Assign your post to a category with the check boxes.
  • When you’re happy with your post, click the blue ‘Submit’ button to submit it to an editor.