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  1. Top proofreading tips

    20 January 2021 by John Espirian

    John Espirian’s advice for catching mistakes and adding polish to your own writing

  2. Getting clear: rewriting v. editing v. proofreading

    7 May 2020 by Patricia Lane

    Rewriting, editing and proofreading. What’s the difference? Patricia Lane explains.

  3. Sue Kelso Ryan — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightCopywriter Sue Kelso Ryan

    7 August 2017 by Editor

    “Don’t see other copywriters as the competition; they’re your best source of
    information and advice.”

  4. Just a minute! (the editor’s version)

    12 October 2015 by Kady Potter

    Kady Potter puts her editor’s hat on to tackle hesitation, deviation and repetition.

  5. How to avoid ‘conjunctionitis’

    13 April 2015 by Geraldine Jones

    Confused by conjunctions? Geraldine Jones sets the record straight on how to use and not abuse them.