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  1. Copy Cabana 2016: 12 speakers, 1 day, 1 beach

    18 May 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Vikki Ross shares the line-up for Copy Cabana 2016, the copywriting conference arriving in Bournemouth in September…

  2. Copy Cabana – a conference for copywriters in September

    22 April 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Grab a seat. And hold on tight. Prepare to celebrate the life linguistic. This is Copy Cabana 2016 – a conference for copywriters and anyone who works with words.

  3. Copywriters, unite in May!

    18 April 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Join the next #copywritersunite meetup in London in May – and have a chance to meet your peers, talk shop and get better acquainted with your network.

  4. Get ready for backchat, Snapchat!

    16 January 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Vikki Ross is lost for words after seeing Snapchat’s ‘Language Designer’ job ad.

  5. Are you free on 28 January?

    13 January 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Meet other copywriters at the next #copywritersunite event in London.

  6. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

    1 December 2015 by Vikki Ross

    With Christmas just around the corner, Vikki Ross is relaunching #ChristmasCopyWish on Twitter.

  7. Copywriters, unite!

    31 May 2015 by Vikki Ross

    #copywritersunite on Tuesday 16 June in London: a chance for copywriters to brave physical socialising, armed with only obscure Twitter bio photos.

  8. Is copywriting dead, or just changing?

    28 November 2014 by Smarayda Christoforou

    Smarayda Christoforou invites PCN members to take part in the DMA’s copywriting census.

  9. Swimming in a sea of researchLego diver on the sea bed

    11 December 2012 by Chris Kenworthy

    How much research do you do before you start writing?

  10. Writing Resource: Gabay’s Copywriters’ CompendiumCopywriters' Compendium

    14 July 2012 by Tracey Dooley

    “If you want to think creatively, polish up your writing and have fun while doing so, then this is the book to get,” says Tracey Dooley.

  11. Fear of Freelancing – What’s Stopping You?"Fear" by WIlderdom from Flickr

    22 June 2012 by Andrew

    Is fear stopping you from going freelance?

  12. Sarah TurnerSarah Turner

    13 June 2012 by Sarah Turner

    “When I’m about to start a new project, I think about it all the time. In fact, some of my best lines are written in the shower or when I’m out running. I really immerse myself in the product, service and company. You have to live and breathe it to write about it.”