ProCopywriters has published its 500th post!

Back in May 2012, ProCopywriters published its very first blog post, Do questions work in copywriting? by Tom Albrighton.

Who would’ve thought that 6 years and 499 posts later, the blog would still be going strong?

To mark this milestone we’re:

  • taking the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to submit their informative, provocative and entertaining posts to the blog
  • also saying thanks to everyone who reads our posts, and shares and comments on them
  • asking you to fill in a short survey (just 9 quick questions) so we can make sure that what we publish in the future is what you actually want to read. If you don’t fancy filling it in, you can email your thoughts to
  • revealing our top 10 most viewed posts (unsurprisingly, the subjects of money and copywriting technique feature highly). In reverse order, they are:

10 Review: Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott  by Tom Albrighton

9. Secret Copywriter: Recruiters will not help you

8. How to tell if your copy is any good by Anna Gunning

7. Don’t be a starving writer. Steer clear of the mills by Andy Nattan

6. GDPR and email marketing: what do I actually need to do? by Mary Whitehouse

5. 10 copywriting apps and tools – as voted by 2 top copywriters  by Anna Gunning

4. How to get paid on time, every time by Caroline Gibson

3. How much do freelance copywriters charge in 2017? by Ben Locker

2. How to write an effective press release  by Lorraine Forrest-Turner

1. Invoice payment well overdue? Here’s what to do next   by Caroline Gibson

Which ProCopywriters blog posts are your favourites, and why?


1st November 2018

Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Wow! I’m pretty chuffed to have made it into the top ten. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been writing, we all need to check we’re still doing things right and keep up with new ideas, techniques and media. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed. I’ve certainly made very good use of them.

What do you think?

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