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12 Oct 2015

Changes at PCN

An update on changes to the management of PCN.

07 Oct 2015

Why all copywriters should listen to hip hop

Chloe Marshall tells us why hip hop is a discipline worth exploring.

24 Aug 2015

Creating shareable content – without reducing the quality

Sue Keogh on how to write shareable copy that will drive the right people to your website.

20 Aug 2015

Real people, real stories: resisting the pressure to fake it

Sarah Fitzgerald on the DWP benefits sanctions leaflet debacle and why real stories are so important.

03 Aug 2015

On the copywriting life: where creativity meets commerce

Katherine Wildman on the joys of creative writing and how it can help copywriters.

20 Jul 2015

What I know about copywriting: Laura Jordan Bambach

Laura Jordan Bambach shares her thoughts on finding inspiration and the current state of creative copywriting.

24 Jun 2015

What I know about copywriting: Sean Doyle

Copywriting legend Sean Doyle on the art of headline writing and what the Economist got so right.

15 Jun 2015

Behind the copywriting scenes at the museum

Marge Ainsley on how good copywriting can help museums get visitors more actively involved.

10 Jun 2015

Can your boss see your pants? North American vs British English

Dylan Brethour on North American vs British English and copywriting for a global audience.

03 Jun 2015

New to tone of voice?

A whistle-stop tour of what tone of voice is, how to work with it – and where it can go wrong, by Wordtree’s Liz Doig.

28 May 2015

Is it EVER okay to swear in marketing copy?

Doug Kessler challenges us to think about why swear words are a no-go zone in marketing copy.

26 May 2015

There’s more to being a freelance copywriter than just writing good words

Marketing, accounting, project management…it’s a wonder freelancers have any time to spend on actual copywriting.

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