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  1. How a bad birthday present taught me a valuable copywriting lesson

    8 June 2022 by Joe Jeffries

    What’s a gift that didn’t quite hit the mark got to do with writing copy? Joe Jeffries explains

  2. A perfect client brief

    7 January 2022 by Marge Ainsley

    What’s a PCB and how can it help you figure out if clients that are going to be the right fit? Marge Ainsley explains

  3. How to write a freelancer’s brief to get irresistible results

    24 May 2021 by Melanie Wicks

    Not sure how to brief your freelance content writer? Mel Wicks’ guide covers everything you need to know.

  4. You need to up your value game to win new clients

    18 August 2020 by Editor

    Helen Say on the power of showing clients how working with a copywriter can benefit their business.