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  1. 5 email sequences your business needs

    11 May 2022 by Lily Karenza

    New to email marketing, and not sure which emails to send and when? Lily Karenza’s guide will keep you right

  2. Email’s not dead – an introduction to email marketing

    13 July 2021 by Lily Karenza

    Is email marketing still worth the effort? Lily Karenza’s a vote for yes

  3. The 3 things I need to know before I’ll even think about signing up to your email list

    18 March 2021 by Dawn Kofie

    Dawn Kofie isn’t convinced that when it comes to getting sign-ups to your email newsletter, being direct is enough on its own.

  4. Email marketing: strategies for improving open and click-through rates

    30 May 2019 by Leif Kendall

    How can you get more people to open your emails – and click the links inside?

  5. A 12 step programme for email newsletters

    29 May 2019 by Editor

    Deborah Wroe shares some email newsletter basics.

  6. GDPR and email marketing: what do I actually need to do?neon tubes

    14 March 2018 by Mary Whitehouse

    Mary Whitehouse’s summary of what the General Data Protection Regulation means for email marketing.