Copywriting technique

The real Pepsodent Habit Loop
01 Jul 2012

Copy tip: the power of habit loops

You can use a ‘habit loop’ to encourage people to use a product every day – but the reward has to be the right one.

Words in a book
26 Jun 2012

Words. Say a lot, don’t they?

Keep your writing natural, but remember that a ‘crude-oil worker’ and a ‘crude oil worker’ mean very different things.

14 Jun 2012

Writing for your Customer X

Addressing readers as a group, either explicitly or implicitly, can compromise your tone. Write for an individual instead.

Gold Panning
10 Jun 2012

A foolproof way to get ideas for blog posts

Finding ideas for blog posts can be like panning for gold. But if you know how to make ideas collide, you’ll never run short of inspiration.

06 Jun 2012

The craft of copywriting

Some interesting parallels between woodwork and wordwork.

26 May 2012

Attention! Have you forgotten Caution?

Most copywriters are familiar with the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) model of writing. But have you thought about Caution?

21 May 2012

Copywriting, acting and imagination

Why imagining other people’s experience is a central part of being a copywriter.

15 May 2012

What makes a good copywriter?

Whatever your focus in terms of markets, channels or clients, there are certain traits you can’t live without as a copywriter. Here’s my take on what they are

08 May 2012

Do questions work in copywriting?

Thinking of using a question in your copywriting? Check our handy guide to the key types first.

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