Copywriting technique

23 Apr 2015

What election manifestos can teach us about content

If nobody’s reading, what’s the point in writing? Make sure your marketing copy doesn’t get written off as ‘informational landfill’.

13 Apr 2015

How to avoid ‘conjunctionitis’

Confused by conjunctions? Geraldine Jones sets the record straight on how to use and not abuse them.

06 Mar 2015

Press Releases: Four Perennial Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Four big mistake to avoid when drafting press releases.

06 Mar 2015

The evolution of language

Language should reflect the experiences we’ve yet to have, as well as our day-to-day lives.

19 Apr 2013

Charismatic letters generate profits

How using the NLP concept of modalities can help you write charismatically.

01 Aug 2012

The Danny Boyle Effect

What Danny Boyle’s magnificent opening ceremony can teach copywriters about trusting their audience.

Fragonard - The Swing. Do lies get any more irresistible?
13 Jul 2012

Are You Writing Irresistible Lies?

As copywriters, we’re routinely called upon to lie. How many times do you use ‘I’ or ‘We’ in copy, but really you’re speaking as the client? Part of our job is pretending to be somebody we’re not. But that’s okay.

The real Pepsodent Habit Loop
01 Jul 2012

Copy tip: the power of habit loops

You can use a ‘habit loop’ to encourage people to use a product every day – but the reward has to be the right one.

Words in a book
26 Jun 2012

Words. Say a lot, don’t they?

Keep your writing natural, but remember that a ‘crude-oil worker’ and a ‘crude oil worker’ mean very different things.

14 Jun 2012

Writing for your Customer X

Addressing readers as a group, either explicitly or implicitly, can compromise your tone. Write for an individual instead.

Gold Panning
10 Jun 2012

A foolproof way to get ideas for blog posts

Finding ideas for blog posts can be like panning for gold. But if you know how to make ideas collide, you’ll never run short of inspiration.

06 Jun 2012

The craft of copywriting

Some interesting parallels between woodwork and wordwork.

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