05 Jul 2021

LinkedIn Profiles

I’m often asked to write LinkedIn profiles. Your LI profile is your most personal piece of content marketing, so I like to inject your personality into your profile as much as possible. I always try to create a readable story. I’m aiming to bring your professional skills and expertise to life and explain why they […]

05 Jul 2021

Voice-over script for klarify Home Allergy Test

klarify’s Home Allergy Test kit includes a step-by-step instruction guide, but we also needed a how-to video. I worked closely with their in-house Content Manager to create a reassuring and easy-to-understand step-by-step video script for how to collect a small sample of blood from your fingertip. klarify Home Allergy Test – How-to video

04 Jul 2021

Social media ad campaign for klarify

I write the content for a lot of klarify’s social media ads (Facebook and Instagram). This US-based campaign is encouraging people to take a quick questionnaire that assesses how well their allergy symptoms are controlled. It can be a tricky task creating ads for a pharmaceutical company as Facebook has strict advertising policies. Ads must […]

04 Jul 2021

Web content for Zitko Group

Zitko Group – Talent Solutions Partner, specialise in training and recruiting fire and security tech professionals. This is a young company which is really going places in their industry. They wanted their new website to illustrate their global reach and expertise. I worked closely with George Zitko, the founder and MD, to create an appropriate […]

02 Jul 2021

White Paper – Always Networks

Always Networks is a Yorkshire-based IT firm that has helped businesses and other organisations with IT security and support for over 15 years. This project was to write a white paper on cyber security for a non-technical audience. “Rob took charge of the project and was specific on dates. He’s never been late. Reliability is […]

02 Jul 2021

Articles – Vision IFAs

Vision IFAs is a family firm of Independent Financial Advisors based in Leeds, Huddersfield and Wakefield. The project was to write a series of articles on business protection. “The content articles have made a real difference to our credibility. That’s crucial in our industry. Because credibility is the way in the door and trust is […]

02 Jul 2021

Case Study – Flex-Telecom

Flex-Telecom provides business phones, broadband and communication systems for businesses and schools across West Yorkshire. The project was to write a case study with its customer Castleford Academy Trust. “Rob listens to what you want to achieve and after consulting with us came back with some great content. He was also conscious about getting the […]

02 Jul 2021

Website Copy – STH Ltd

STH Ltd provides HGV and trailer services to the logistics, retail and transport sectors. It has over 50 years’ experience and works with global brands, national companies and small businesses. For this project, I wrote copy for STH’s new website to highlight their expertise in fleet maintenance and repairs as well as HGV and trailer […]

02 Jul 2021

Mental Health First Aid Kit for UK based Freelancers and Self-Employed

Introduction to the Mental Health First Aid Kit A strong mind is one of the foundations of wellness! But working for yourself isn’t easy and can exacerbate any prior mental health problems. It can also create new ones! It’s important to be mindful of your mental health and wellbeing and the purpose of this mental […]

01 Jul 2021

Product page for klarify Home Allergy Test

klarify is a customer-facing brand of ALK – a global allergy solutions company. The klarify Home Allergy Test is a core product for the UK market. Working closely with klarify’s in-house Content Marketing Manager, I have been involved in all the marketing materials for the Home Allergy Test since its launch. This has included: copy […]

28 Jun 2021

I’ve Spent £4,000 on Online Courses and I Still Feel Like a Fraud

I type my bank details in and wait for the confirmation email. As the initial wave of excitement hits, I start thinking about how different my life is going to be thanks to this purchase. I’ve just bought another online course and have spent almost £4,000 on this type of learning in the last three […]

28 Jun 2021

VICE: I Tried to ‘Manifest’ Money – Here’s How It Went

Manifestation – the art of achieving your dreams simply by willing them into existence – has risen in popularity in recent years. It’s been praised by Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and Jim Carrey, who all credit the movement for contributing towards their success. Like every other cash-strapped millennial, the idea that I can merely imagine […]

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