28 May 2021

SEO web copy for an apprenticeship assessment organisation (Notebook Assessment Services, Blandford)

Notebook Assessment Services Your personal end-point assessment organisation   Notebook Assessment Services makes your end-point assessment process simple, quick and effortless by giving you personalised face-to-face support and peerless industry expertise. By choosing us as your end-point assessment provider, you get clear guidance at every step. We take you from application and funding all the […]

28 May 2021

SEO web copy for an apprenticeship training provider (The Colleges’ Partnership, Blandford)

The Colleges’ Partnership   Apprenticeships and Professional Qualifications to Upskill Your Employees Give your employees the best, and they’ll do the same for you. Unlock their full potential with apprenticeships and qualifications from The Colleges’ Partnership, and become a leader in your industry.   The Colleges’ Partnership is an award-winning vocational training provider with more […]

24 May 2021

Bridgend Athletics website

A snippet of copy from the About page: Club stars Club members have swapped the yellow and blue vest for the red of Wales and/or GB colours. The history of our club is dotted with success. You’ll rub shoulders with a winner of a World Marathon Major, Olympians and World Champions. Link the website > […]

20 May 2021

GalaxKey 5 web pages

MAKE SURE THE ONLY EYES ON YOUR EMAIL ARE THE ONES YOU CHOOSE WITH GALAXKEY’S USER-FRIENDLY ONE-CLICK ENCRYPTION THAT WORKS EVERYWHERE. Email hacking and corporate espionage are growing threats in today’s digital economy. Every email and attachment entering and exiting your business must be safe and secure to reduce malware risks and keep snoopers out. […]

17 May 2021

Advertorial for Private Jet Charter

Often my clients don’t know what to put in an advertorial, and that’s why they need someone like me to guide them. I did a lot of research for this article and wrote it from scratch having built up a great relationship with the company and its owner. They loved it and it was featured […]

17 May 2021

Magazine copy for Saga Holidays

Saga Holidays wanted a way to inspire their new and existing customers, and I was asked to come up with ideas. I created Inspire Magazine and was the editor and writer for many issues. The tagline I crafted for the magazine …because being inspired is where your journey really begins sums up what I wanted […]

15 May 2021

Sales Brochure for Focus Awards Ltd, an Ofqual-Regulated Awarding Body

Pricing Plan Brochure Text – first draft.   Sleep Better at Night – Control Your Costs and Budget for Positive Cashflow If your business is anything like ours (or most others), cashflow is paramount in today’s tough economic climate. Financial stability is more uncertain now than it has been for many years as we emerge […]

11 May 2021

SEO article

Has moving abroad to Singapore been a dream? Are you one of thousands of people who have spent years of international travel for business, work, or pleasure?  Is migration something you have considered, but the logistics and uncertainty have put you off?  Living overseas can become a reality for you and your family, whether you […]

11 May 2021

Direct mail

Mr & Mrs Spade 24 Fen Lane Newark NG24 3DA Dear Mr & Mrs Spade Re-join Us As much valued previous members of the National Trust for Scotland, we were sorry you did not renew your membership when it expired last year. If you re-join your membership fees, will help us to protect and enhance […]

10 May 2021

Product treatment pages for Vimata

THE POWDER CANS ALL IN ONE SOAP Extra mild multisoap for face, body and hands by Danish skincare brand Powder Keg. This gentle but effective formula is fragrance free, sulfate free and suitable for all the family, even children. Make up remover. pH 5.5. What does it do for you? You really don’t need different […]

10 May 2021

Blog Post about Tech Neck: Too much Screen Time? It’s a fine line.

Technology has claimed its first anti-ageing victim: the Tech Neck. Horizontal neck rings don’t usually become permanently etched around a woman’s neck until her late forties. However they are making a premature appearance on the milennial tech addicts, frowning at computer screens and perpetually gazing down at their smartphones causing deep frown lines, creases and […]

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