Post-it notesFree-to-download tools and templates to help members in their day-to-day copywriting and freelancing life.

All of the resources featured here have been developed by copywriters for use in their own work, and are generously shared here to make other copywriters’ lives easier. You’re welcome to download and use them as they are or adapt them to suit your needs.

Plain English copywriting contract

John McGarvey’s plain English copywriting contract is a good place to start if you’re looking for an easy-to-understand agreement for freelance work. As noted in John’s blog post about the plain English copywriting agreement, he’s not a legal professional, so it’s sensible to get your legal eagles to check it over if you decide to use it.

Copywriting brief templates

Every copywriter will have their own thoughts on the essential ingredients for a perfect copywriting brief. If you’re working on your own copywriting brief, these examples will give you a head start.

Project tracker

A simple spreadsheet for keeping track of your copywriting projects. Developed by Tom Albrighton, who’s also published this blog post on how to use the spreadsheet.

Content calendar

A spreadsheet for planning and evaluating content for blogs that you manage, or for your own blog. Developed by Anna McLoughlin of Inkspiller.

Got a useful resource you’d like to share with other copywriters?

If you have a tool or template that you’d be willing to share with members here, we’d love to hear from you. It could be your own version of a briefing template or other resource that we’ve already covered here, or something completely new.

You’ll get full recognition on this site and a link to your website. (Plus the warm feeling that only comes from knowing you’ve given a big helping hand to your fellow copywriters.)