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    Whatever you’re selling, you need to stand out. Yeah, you could grow a mohawk, start a church choir, or slap your logo on a blimp. But nothing has more pulling power than the written word. That’s where I come in. Head down, sleeves up, I write copy that does the business for your business. Like a seagull nosediving for a cone of chips, you’ll be impossible to resist. Here's how I can help: ✅website copywriting ✅brochure copywriting ✅blog writing ✅tone of voice ✅email copywriting ✅social media content Get in touch today (before your competition find me). 📩 📞 01273 458 557 🖱️ “Tom took the time to really understand our products and wider strategy, which meant he executed our vision exceptionally. He's been a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him to anyone.” ~ Abigail Drake, Senior Global Product Manager at Vodafone “Tom is our go-to copywriter whenever we need words. Put simply, he delivers every time.” ~ Matt Chambers, Owner of Madison Solutions “Tom took the time to really understand our business which culminated in spot-on copy that truly reflects our culture, ethos and personality. I have no hesitation in recommending him.” ~Noel Preston, Managing Partner at Preston Insurance Brokers

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    I am a freelance content writer and communications consultant: focusing on writing, communications development/strategy, editing, stakeholder engagement and user research. With over 15 years experience, I work in the commercial, public and non-profit sectors to create and evaluate accessible, engaging and co-produced communications and content. Everything I do is underpinned by behavioural science, evidence and user involvement. What I offer: Content development and strategy. Highly accessible, innovative content and communications. My expertise covers content writing, copywriting, and internal/external strategic communications planning: including social media and campaigns. I use behavioural science insight to optimise the engagement and impact of the communications I work on. Research and insight consultancy. I am experienced in critically reviewing and summarising research and policy, including undertaking systematic and rapid reviews of evidence. As well as sensitively involving users in every aspect of the process. To understand your audience or user's needs and experiences or to evaluate the impact of services or products. This includes recruitment strategy, research design, qualitative research and evidence reviews. I design and carry out in depth interviews, focus groups, workshops and online consultations. Translating this into recommendations and advice on best practice and next-steps. Training and mentoring in communications, writing, editing research and evidence-reviews.

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    "Doug, your copy writing skills really are exceptional. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into our website. It’s really appreciated.” - Nicolas Carlton-Smith, Carlton Smith Private Wealth. There's a motto above my desk - "Always lead with the outcomes, and give people a reason to care" - and it’s an approach I bring to just about every project I work on. _________ A note before I go further, though. I've recently accepted a position 4 days a week at a smashing integrated marketing company in Suffolk. So I'm being very selective about any new/extra work on top of this. _________ You want to know exactly what you need to say, and where to say it. And you want to say it clearly, in a way that appeals to people personally and makes you look like the professional answer to their prayers. I'm a copywriter who helps user-focused businesses get attention, win trust and define their service. In other words, I help you show other people how you help them. And I do it through your website, brochures, landing pages, emails and chatbots. But not blog posts. Please don’t ask me to write blog posts. People usually work with a copywriter when re-branding, launching a new service or when they need to show they've evolved. Are you excited about change and the future? "Doug is great in meetings, takes time to understand a business and its voice, communicates easily with our team and delivers content that perfectly complements our designs." - Andy Smith, StrategiQ Marketing. People make decisions based on emotion, not logic. As well as your unique traits, I delve into your customer's problems, what matters to them most and the outcomes they want - and then talk to them in the way they speak themselves. You’ll get clarity to your brand, goals, mission and messaging. You’ll be able to use your website to beat the competition as well as attract new clients. We can create: - Home pages that show your customers they're in exactly the right place and you have the answer to their problem - Landing pages that draw readers in as they read down the screen, and convert - About pages that really reveal what you're like to work with - Services & product pages that spell out exactly what your offerings do for your clients, so people know you have exactly what they need - Page Title Tags and Meta Descriptions that help with SEO and catch your customer's eye in the search engine results I solve how to say what you do - with clarity - and make an impact on your clients. Not sure a writer will understand your business? I've worked successfully with many. Check out my website: Drop me a line - I'll be happy to hear from you 🙂 Thanks! Doug.

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    Hello. I’m a Senior Copywriter, Content Creator and Creative Director with over 17 years experience. I help people all over the world communicate better through words and concepts. ​ And that's not all... I have also taught advertising and creative practices at Higher Education and secondary levels across Europe for over 10.

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    I’m Angie, a freelance copywriter based in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m here to help you find your voice, tell your story, hone your message, and engage with the audience you want to reach. I understand that you’re more than a business: you’re a human being using business as a means to connect with and serve other humans, to share your values and make the world a better place. When you work with me, you get more than a freelancer or a consultant. You get a collaborative partner who cares as much about your success as you do. I mean that: I won’t work with you if I don’t think our values are a good match. What ARE my values? Honesty, integrity, kindness, genuine human connection, and doing great work my clients are happy with. I’m here to make the world a better place, just like you are, and I purposefully keep my workload small so that I can give every project the time and attention it deserves. Whatever your project, I’ll craft copy that is clear, readable, relatable, and authentically YOU. Together, we’ll make sure your message not only reaches your audience, but CONNECTS with them. Background: I've been copywriting full-time since 2020, and recently left an in-house position to focus entirely on freelancing. My copywriting skills are complemented by additional professional experience in: 📖 Bookselling and publishing ✏ ​Editing/proofreading 🌍 Spanish to English translation ✈ ​Travel/tourism 🎓 Language learning and education I was born in a small town in Iowa, but I've never let that stop me. I first left home at the age of 16 to be an exchange student in the Canary Islands, Spain. I've taught English in Japan and led adventure tours in Central America. Whether learning languages or teaching them, travelling the world or curled up in my favourite chair with my nose stuck in a book, underlying everything has been an obsession with the power of words. I've edited several novels, proofread many PhDs, and curated the fiction floor of the largest bookshop in Scotland. In short, I’ve been wordsmithing my way around the world for more years than I care to admit. I found my way to my first official copywriting gig in the middle of pandemic lockdown, thanks to a mouse who chewed a hole in a water pipe above my neighbour’s kitchen ceiling – but that’s a story I reserve for our first creative review. (Curious? Drop me a message and let's get the ball rolling!) For the full A to Z of working with me, check out my portfolio site at:

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    When you’ve got something big to say, you need the right words to say it. But how do you find the right words when you’re stuck for time, ideas, or expertise? You give me a call. Hello! I’m Francesca, and I write copy for problem-solvers, world-changers, and do-gooders. 70% of consumers choose where to spend their money based on principles — they’re looking for ethical, sustainable, equitable businesses like yours. And what separates you — the genuine good guys — from all the businesses claiming to be the good guy? Copy that commands attention, cuts through the empty words, and gets you noticed. Book me to write it for you and I'll help you: Connect with socially-conscious customers Communicate your purpose Rise above the noise Whether you need something creative or corporate, sassy or serious, long form or short form, I’ll get your message across with clarity, accuracy and style — so you can impress your boss, make an impact, and smash your marketing KPIs. I can help you with: Website copy Email marketing and newsletters Blog and article writing Social media management Press releases Brochures and eBooks Print advertising Who do I work with? My back-catalogue is as varied as Bjork’s — though not as weird. Health. HR. Sewing machines. Travel. Tarot cards. Debit cards. Cakes. Quite literally, everything but kitchen sinks. But I do my best work when my clients’ purpose and values intersect with my own. When you do more than just sell stuff — you actively take on the big social, cultural and environmental challenges we face. If that sounds like you, let's work together. Sorry oil and gas, fast fashion and gambling — I’m not for you. So if you’re looking to make a social impact with copy that’s: Clear but not condescending Purposeful but not preachy Strong but not sanctimonious Pop an email to and let's chat. I can’t wait to meet you.

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    Decades of experience, zero assumptions.

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    Looking for clickable copy that converts? Every word counts when you're trying to reach potential customers through digital channels. You need to capture their attention, hook them and reel them in. Fast. Let me help. With over 25 years of experience in the communications industry, you'll be in safe, professional hands. I make it my business to know your business and produce insight-driven web copy the right people want to read. Plus, my brand-voice know-how will keep them coming back for more. But don’t take my word for it. Browse my portfolio and check out my website to see for yourself. And read what my clients have to say about me. After all, it’s their opinion that counts. Cut out the blah, bull and bunkum and make your words work. Contact me to find out how. Testimonials: “Charlotte’s helping us with our brand voice. She’s easy to work with, reliable, great at explaining things without using jargon and sticks to deadlines.“ Abby Penston, CEO, Focus Travel Partnership. “We’d run out of time and needed our monthly newsletter copy turned around fast. Charlotte was unflappable and efficient and just got on with the job. Her copy was on brief and on time. It also got results (an uplift in open rates)." Charles Wightman, Marketing Director, Bella Figura.

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    I'm a senior copywriter and strategist with over ten years of experience driving results for Lloyds Banking Group, BP, Inizio, Pento, Thingtrax, and many more big or rapidly growing brands. I also support leading marketing agencies around the world. I'm the co-founder of MPH Copywriting, a small business with a significant impact. MPH has two full-time writers and a group of fabulous freelancers that each have their niche. -- I help you understand who your customers are and how to talk to them through your website, articles, and sales material. -- I have a background in marketing within #fintech, #healthcare, #manufacturing and #saas. -- I'm known for conducting research interviews and writing content based on real challenges -- no waffle. -- I'm a bit like a ninja that CMOs can deploy to execute their strategy. Not only is my writing accurate and engaging, but I can also optimise your article for search and readability. I also operate as a fractional marketing manager for SMEs. I have 360-degree marketing skills (design, SEO, and CMS) for smaller marketing teams that need support. So, if you need a hybrid marketing and writing geek that loves flexing her creative muscles, give me a call. 07967608075 Join my newsletter to receive copywriting and content hacks.

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    Hi, I'm Ben Ellis 👋 ★ Freelance Copywriter ★ ➠ Pharmaceutical experience at GSK 12+ yrs (sterile production & technical writing). ➠ Copywriting for pharma clients; agency and clients directly. ➠ Translating complicated, niche products into simple, relevant ideas. ★ For YOU! ★ ➠ I can simplify your complex messages. ➠ Add some personality and humour into your communications. ➠ Write for video. ➠ Write for the web; websites, socials, apps, email, etc. ➠ Take on regular tasks; blogs, newsletters, socials, etc. ➠ Create new ideas for new products; names, taglines, ads, etc. ★ Skills ★ ➠ Writing concisely and clearly. ➠ Writing creatively; names, taglines, short descriptions, etc. ➠ Getting to the heart of an idea, and then communicating it simply. ➠ Storytelling. I've written 3 novels so I can put together a narrative structure. ➠ Scriptwriting. I've also written 3 screenplays so I'm familiar with script structure, software and storytelling techniques. ➠ Friendly, collaborative, welcome critiques and feedback, organised and always looking to complete a good job. ➠ Web development & internet marketing experience so a good bridge between marketing and technical teams. ★ Copywriting Experience ★ ➠ Case studies ➠ Emails/Newlsetters ➠ Social media ➠ Blog posts ➠ Website copy ➠ Press releases ➠ Video scripts ➠ Technical writing (SOPs, SWIs, Logbooks, Proforma, etc) ★ Says Who? ★ "Ben demonstrated an extremely high level of skill and aptitude for writing technical documentation. I would not hesitate in recommending him to others." Scott Harrison. Project Team Leader. GSK. "Ben worked with us on our LinkedIn and email marketing, providing us with detailed reports, and wrote a case study about a product trial. His writing, web skills and pharmaceutical experience was an excellent combination for us." Robert Perin. Managing Director. Protak Scientific. "Ben created humourous copy reflecting the quirky characters created for each design, and also a great tagline we could use across the whole product range. We were lucky to find Ben!" Jimmy Young. Founder. Common Ground Brewing. ★ You Sound Brilliant! How Can I Contact You? ★ 📩 🖥️ ➠

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    Technical writer + SaaS copywriter. Chemically more caffeine than human. - Confluence - Microsoft Office - HTML - CSS Day to day, I write help documentation, whitepapers, blog posts, UI/UX microcopy and direct response for SaaS and individuals across a bunch of niches from insurance and internet marketing to fitness, real estate and more. In November 2017 I wrote the production notes for the action movie Hurricane Heist (directed by Fast & Furious' Rob Cohen), and a pizza maker manual. --- Since 2015, I've built a freelance career helping SaaS and others across the financial, IM, B2B and insurance industries optimise conversions and create educational and engaging content strategies. With a background in media production and archaeology, I have a sixth sense for the big picture and I can quickly get to grips with a wide range of software - from video and image editing software to ArcGIS and more. In 2021, I hope to learn the basics of a few programming languages. Want to work with me? I'd love to hear from you - especially if you have a clear idea of what you need, a great sense of humour, and an appreciation for fine GIFs and memes.

  • We're the storytellers. We bring the narrative to the creative. We write to disrupt and delight. We write to ignite intrigue and inspire desire. Writing's the art of convincing audiences to feel something. Linney writing's the art of convincing audiences to do something. Because they feel something. It's distraction and interaction writ large. This is how the story starts.

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