TAGfreelance | ProCopywriters | the Alliance of Commercial Writers - Part 2

  1. Will this help you p-p-p-pick up your next project?

    16 May 2018 by Katherine Wildman

    Katherine Wildman asks what makes you different, and what do you want your clients and peers to associate you with?

  2. Richard Steele — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightRichard Steele, copywriter

    14 May 2018 by Richard Steele

    “Write a blog if you want to express yourself. Copywriting is about communicating your client’s messaging in their audience’s language. You should be invisible.”

  3. André Spiteri — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    7 May 2018 by André Spiteri

    “Don’t let impostor syndrome bring you down. I’ve seen incredibly talented copywriters not reach their potential because of it, and it sucks.”

  4. Len Williams — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightLen Williams, Copywriter

    26 March 2018 by Len Williams

    “I love digging into a new topic and learning everything I can about it.”

  5. Rowan Gavin — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightRowan Gavin

    20 November 2017 by Ben Locker

    “I love the challenge and the thrill of finding that punny or poetic twist that gives a piece of copy the kick it needs.”

  6. Cat Roberts-Young — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightCat Roberts-Young, copywriter, in a black and white stripy top.

    9 October 2017 by Cat Roberts-Young

    “Talk to other copywriters, we’re a friendly bunch, and rather than being your competition we’re your greatest allies.”

  7. Kathy Sharpe — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightKathy Sharpe, Copywriter

    18 September 2017 by Kathy Sharpe

    “I’ve realised that a lot of people don’t actually know what copywriting is. So I suppose it’s our job to bang the drum about how important it can be, and the benefits it can bring!”

  8. Sanina Kaur — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightSanina Kaur, copywriter

    28 August 2017 by Sanina Kaur

    “Develop a thick skin and don’t take things too personally if your copy gets
    changed, it’s all part of the process.”

  9. ProCopywriters: what’s not to like?Aerial shot of a road snaking across a winter landscape.

    16 August 2017 by Editor

    Birgit Diggins shares some of the ways that ProCopywriters has helped her build her copywriting business.

  10. Gillian Jones — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightGillian Jones, copywriter

    14 August 2017 by Gillian Jones

    “Make sure you’re paid what you’re worth. Place a value on what you do, or no one else will.”

  11. True equality will take more than a smart suit and a show of confidenceAn aerial shot of a sea shore.

    9 August 2017 by Sarah Russell

    Sarah Russell explains why gender inequality in copywriting isn’t just about women not being confident or speaking up.

  12. Sue Kelso Ryan — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightCopywriter Sue Kelso Ryan

    7 August 2017 by Editor

    “Don’t see other copywriters as the competition; they’re your best source of
    information and advice.”