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    Aided by the power of AI (armchair intelligence), I can help you find the right copywriter for your next project. All you have to do is answer 'yes' to these three questions... 1: Do you want a copywriter who goes the extra mile and only files when your copy has been explored from every angle (UX, SEO, readability, CTAs, flow, etc.)? 2: Do you want a copywriter who is casually pretending to be chortling at something in his photo? 3: Can you easily be tempted out of hiring any of the other 599+ writers on this site by the promise of what I grandly describe as a 'free consultation'? Congratulations! You have found your copywriter! Here's what I can do for you... 1/ Websites. If your website isn't cutting it, I'll dissect it, reimagine it, plan out a better way of coming at things and then deliver sparkling copy built with user experience, conversion and SEO in mind. This is what I do most days (please see my website for testimonials). 2/ Interviews. When you need a seasoned scribbler to speak to someone important (case studies, CEO interviews, customer stories etc.), I lean on 20+ years of experience and literally thousands of successfully completed jobs to get you what you need. I regularly put heart and soul into other kinds of work, too, such as: * Marketing emails * Survey results/analysis * Corporate copy * International copywriting * White papers * Brochures and more. Over the years I have: * Got lost in creative work for everyone from Samsung to Cannes Lions and Harrods. * Generated meticulously planned (and written) launch copy for dozens of websites – large and small. * Generated social media content for all the main channels. * Penned copy for technical guides, flyers, billboards, packaging and LinkedIn profiles. * Done a whole load of other stuff that I can't remember right now. If you need a go-getting, efficient, highly skilled writer who 'gets' things quickly and doesn't faff about... drop me a line :)

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    If you're looking for compelling, results-driven content please get in touch. Over the last 15 years I've partnered big brands, SMEs and startups, in a variety of industries including Technology, SaaS, Logistics and Travel. I also keep up with all the latest trends and best practices when it comes to AI and sustainability, and frequently write gated thought-leadership pieces in this area. AGENCY COPYWRITER As well as working directly with clients, I've built up long-term relationships with many top digital marketing agencies, based in London and Europe. I am a key contributor to large content-writing projects for enterprise-level B2B and B2C clients. Companies I work with Examples of companies I've partnered with include Northern Railway (Arriva), MyHermes UK (Evri), Expedia, GoCardless, and BMI Healthcare. A Copywriter without Borders My clientele spans the UK, Europe, and beyond. No matter where you're located we can collaborate seamlessly, either online or face-to-face, if possible. Experienced in AI Content Optimisation AI content generation tools are emerging (and getting better) daily and can be an incredibly powerful force for good when used correctly. That's why I've invested in accredited training, equipping myself to harness and optimise content generated by cutting-edge tools like ChatGpt and Google Gemini. What I Offer Competitive pricing, and adaptable workloads to suit your business needs, swift turnarounds wherever possible, SEO-optimised content, comprehensive content management support, adept research and interviewing skills. Get in touch for in-depth whitepapers, engaging video scripts and walkthroughs, long-form content that resonates, high quality copy for websites and landing pages – banners, interstitial ads, all types of promotional advertising copy - and much, much, more. Client Testimonials Here's what some of my satisfied clients have to say: "A true professional, she delves into the heart of your project, crafting compelling copy for blog posts, web pages, and brochures. Whether it's a one-time project or an ongoing collaboration, I can't recommend her highly enough." - Richard Mawer (Ignite Growth) "I've had the pleasure of working with Thora in various roles, and she consistently delivers spot-on copy without the need for revisions. Thora's versatile writing can cater to any industry. If you're seeking a dependable, professional copywriter who delivers spot on copy every time, look no further." - Joanne Morley (formerly Head of Brand, Northern Railway) See My Work Explore my portfolio to experience my writing style and discover the diverse clients I've had the privilege to collaborate with. Don't forget to visit my website at for additional insights. Exclusive Samples Some of my content remains 'ghost-written' and can't be featured here. However, I'm happy to share relevant samples with you on request – just drop me a line. Let's Connect For an informal discussion about your content requirements, call me on +44 (0)7913659619 or drop me a quick message at Thank You for Your Interest If you've read this far, I appreciate your time and interest and look forward to hearing from you. 😊

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    The freelance copywriter who writes the words that work wonders. I'm going to level with you. I don't like writing about myself (which is ironic, given that I'm a copywriter). Sure, I could've filled this page with some generic drivel about how great I am. But who wants to read that contrived nonsense anyway? Let's talk about you. You've got a business to run. Clients to win. Products to push. Services to sell. Campaigns to conquer. Brands to build. You need the right words to make things happen. Words that excite. Engage. Inform. Persuade. Words that dance off the page and waltz into the minds of your audience. Words that make them stop, think, and act. The right words work wonders – the wrong words don't work at all. That's why I obsess over them as if my life depends on it. From long-form to short-form, every word counts. Every word has its place. Every. Single. One. So if you're lost for words, let me find them for you. Portfolio: Email:

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    I’m Jim, a freelance copywriter based in London. That’s the introduction over. Now let’s get on with the important stuff - SELLING! No doubt you’ve been clicking around this directory in search of a copywriter whose profile really speaks to you, and now your finger’s starting to ache. Let's rid you of that pain, and make this the last click the old nose-picker makes today – at least in terms of finding a writer, that is. I’m highly experienced (16 years copywriting and 25+ years working in sales and marketing). I’ve worked with SMEs, start-ups, agencies, and corporates (more than 200), and I can write pretty much any type of sales and marketing copy (though I can’t write nonsensical fluffy stuff or corporate nonsense). My successes are big: ADVERTISING AND WEBSITE COPYWRITING Commercial interiors company – 20,000% ROI WEBSITE, NEWSLETTER, AND ARTICLE WRITING Domestic plumbing company – 68% newsletter open rate and #1 ‘Holy Grail’ key phrase Google rankings WEBSITE COPYWRITING AND SALES TRAINING (yes, I do that too) Record producer – 75% increase in bookings SALES AND INTRODUCTION LETTER COPYWRITING Largest independent estate agency – 55 sales letters written (you know, the ones that convince people to sell their house, even when they had no initial intention of doing so) I could go on, but you get my drift… my writing works! Some of my clients are big, too: -Tesco -Haart estate agents -Weber BBQ -Wildfowl and Wetland Trust -Ricoh -Protect My Bubble MY VALUE-ADD However, I’m guessing you’re quite savvy – especially as you’re putting time and effort into finding the right copywriter. Therefore, you want more… you want a real value-add that’s going to make it more likely you’ll be skipping over the success winning line. That’s music to my ears… a client who won’t settle for mediocre. So, now you’re asking: “Okay, Jim, other than your sharp wit, good looks, and unrelenting charm, what’s so special about you?” It’s simple. I’m a salesman. I’ve had the good fortune (and misfortune) of running multiple businesses, so I truly understand what drives you and what I have to challenge within you to get the very best result. Yes, you read that right – challenge YOU. It’s not about what I write; it’s about how we solve the problems of your potential customers and, how we edge them towards spending their money with you – not your competitors. When we speak, I’m going to make you think about your business in a way that you never previously considered. I’ll start by asking you the two simplest questions you’ve ever been asked; but I guarantee you’ll be absolutely stuck for the answers. That will be our starting point. And hey, you can challenge me too - that's how we'll get the best result! Also, remind me to tell you about KASUE: a sales methodology I created that’s 100% guaranteed to help you close any deal. It beautifully complements AIDCA, the most famous sales method in history, still used to this day. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about that too. Use another finger and get in touch with me right now. I’m waiting to hear from you. I’ve already got a shed load of ideas about your business, and you’d be mad not to hear them. Catch you shortly.

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    British-born Berliner. Copywriter. German-to-English translator. Geek. Naturalised German (dual UK/DE citizen). I specialise in branding, strategy, and priority copy for high-end marketing projects and high-tech niche organisations based predominantly in Germany and Switzerland. I studied human aspects of information technology at Master's level and have particular insights into content design, online communication across cultures, UX, writing for conversion, and high-end print marketing. My regular clients include well-known consulting firms, premier league branding and marketing agencies, and a selection of respected German and Swiss institutions.

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    Copywriter. Storyteller. Bookworm. Owned by a dog that looks like a sausage. I'm a copywriter with a love of the arts and a background in social sciences. In short, I love words and I love people. In that order. I can weave words together in a way that makes people feel things. And do things. But not in a creepy way. Which leads me to you... Is there a weak link in your marketing funnel? Are prospects visiting your site but not sticking around long enough to act? Maybe you're revitalising your brand and need to spruce up some existing copy. Whether you need to get your business out there, drive traffic to your site, nurture existing relationships or convert leads to sales. Clear, compelling copy can seriously enhance your results. From website copy, eBooks and brochures through to email marketing, landing pages and blogs. Tell me your goals and I’ll whip up some words that will draw your prospects in like metal to a magnet. Positioning you as the answer to their problems. (Because of course you are) So, take a peek at my portfolio at As one client said, 'now that we've found Leesa, we won't use anyone else'. Get in touch. If you have the will, I'll find the words.

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    I create original & engaging copy and content. I'll help you frame complex offerings clearly, effectively and persuasively - without losing critical detail. Specialisms include the care sector and property (architecture, real estate, construction, and their associated industries), as well as fintech, education, and travel. I have clients throughout the UK, plus others in Europe and the Middle East. I'm comfortable writing in American as well as British English. People come to me for copy and content for websites, eBooks, and longer ghost writing projects - and blogs that have something interesting to say. I'll work with or without AI, depending on client preference. My background includes a law degree, over ten years in the long haul travel industry and nearly twenty years teaching. For more information, have a look at my website (which includes a link to my portfolio), or just give me a call. I'll be happy to explain in more detail how I can help your business thrive. If you've sent me a message I will always reply, so if you're waiting on an answer please also check your spam folder.

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    Mel specialises in retail product and brands with specialist expertise in Amazon copywriting. Once an Account Director for blue chip fmcg brands such as Carte D'Or ice cream and Immac hair remover, she has now been a freelance copywriter for over twenty years. In that time Mel has written copy for thousands of retail products from sirloin steak to Swarfega hand cleanser, conditioner to Canon cameras. Many of these have been split-test to show stratospheric uplifts, such as a test for South African retail giant The Foschini Group that increased sales by 19% across 23 different websites. Mel is also a published author with an Amazon bestselling book about copywriting for websites and printed catalogues called Flicks & Clicks. In 2022, she appeared in the documentary ‘Marketing Can Change the World’ sponsored by Meta Facebook and produced by The Drum. For the last five years Mel has been specialising in Amazon copy for brands including Stoli vodka, Typhoo Tea, Greenworks lawnmowers and Harry Potter merchandise. If you would like some ideas on how to improve your product copy on your own site or on marketplaces, Mel would be happy to speak to you.

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    Congratulations. You’ve decided to read my profile! In copywriting circles, getting the right sort of attention is half the battle. The other half is what I’m much better at; writing the right sort of words. Words that help people understand ideas, businesses and products (and take the right kind of action). Clients large and small Over the years, I’ve written car ads for Porsche, social posts for Bombay Sapphire and entire websites for the RAF. Big brands are often great fun to write for. What I really love is working with small businesses; seeing the smiles cross my clients’ faces as I bring their dream project to life with a few well chosen words. Tone of voice projects are my favourite, and I’ve recently enjoyed collaborating closely with clients such as biomass energy firm Innasol and pest control startup Spotta to get their brand language perfectly tuned for their audience. My skills I can turn my hand to: Websites Long and short form copy ads Brand Tone of Voice Documents Emails Leaflets and brochures Banner headlines Social Posts App and interface copy TV scripts Content scripts Brand and company names Packaging copy Point of sale copy Dating profile copy (that’s a joke, but I’m happy to try…) I’m also one half of a copywriting duo, as my wife Laura is a very talented (and outspoken) wordsmith too. Our copywriting agency folio is online at Recent satisfied customers ‘We picked TMCM out of 5 other agencies and were not disappointed. They understood very quickly our challenges and answered very creatively. The result is beyond our expectations. Thanks again!’ Julien Lescure, Founder of Chrome Carbon ‘TMCM are super quick, when they can be and job allows, and I have found the costs very reasonable for the excellent high level service they deliver. I am always satisfied!’ Phil Sills, Photographer and Director - Phil Sills Photography Contact Details Ready to get the right words right? Drop me an email or call me at: 07879452950 Easter Egg Want to know how I became a successful copymonkey? Course you do. Fellow copywriter Nigel Graber was kind enough to interview me recently:

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    I have worked as an integrated creative since the start of my career in TV, VR, social, mobile, print, outdoor and online. Along the way, I've had the pleasure of working with hologram technology, 3D printing, e-sports gaming, exhibition curation and created a PR campaign for a 300-year-old windmill on a housing estate. As well as a few global ad campaigns. I have worked on global brands: Amazon, Facebook, Siemens, Google, Unilever, Procter&Gamble, Kellogg's, ASICS, Hewlett Packard, DHL, Western Union, Sony PlayStation, and in local markets and independent organisations including: Wired UK, McDonald's, Dartmouth Films, Homebase, Auto Trader, Brixton Windmill, 38 Degrees and many others. I remain close to Falmouth University as a guest lecturer, helping to introduce new creatives into the industry and contributing industry knowledge to their online MA course. I also mentor and manage apprentices through The Marketing Academy Foundation and Creative Mentor Network.

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    Hello. I'm an award-winning freelance copywriter. I've worked for some of London's leading advertising, design, branding and digital agencies. Yes, I can write a great press ad, brochure or website for you – but I also understand what makes a brand tick. My clients include international names, UK FTSE-100 companies and local businesses. My freelance copywriting services cover every sector. I'm also lucky enough to have won awards in every discipline.

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