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    Highly experienced millennial copywriter and marketing consultant. Read on if you need innovative, finely-targeted copy that works for your chosen audience! I offer all forms of copywriting services (both direct response and brand-led) as well as general marketing consultancy services, either on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis. I am happy to discuss projects in more or less any niche, and have experience of creating high-performing copy for a diverse range of industries and audiences. That said, like most professional copywriters there are a couple of industries and also demographics that I specialise in to a certain extent, due to a combination of both my own interests and extensive experience in copywriting for those niches. In terms of industries, my main area of specialism is within the healthcare sector, most notably the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics field. Secondarily, I also have many years of experience and a large volume of published work for clients in the veterinary and pet/pet care fields; generally pertaining to companion animals like dogs and cats, for both B2C and B2B clients. I also have quite a diverse portfolio across the fields of logistic/shipping, fashion and beauty, and travel/tourism respectively. The target demographics that I find most interesting are also those that many businesses run into problems targeting and resonating with; firstly, millennials. Marketing to millennials and also the smaller, more obtuse grouping known as "xenials" (those born between around 1978 and 1983 and often described as having had an "analogue childhood and digital adulthood") are the demographic groups that I feel that I can claim the best "insider knowledge" of, and experience in targeting. Some of my most popular copywriting services include: • Website content, from landing pages to full site copy. • Blog writing. • SEO content writing for all applications. • Article writing. • Advertorials and promotional/sponsored article creation. • Composing white papers and eBooks. • Writing product descriptions and product category descriptions. • Brochure, leaflet, and poster text. • Brand naming and slogan creation. • Press release writing. • Sales emails and mailshots. So, whether you have a big idea and need a professional copywriter to make it a reality, if you just need a single sales email or blog post, or if you know that your content is failing to convert but don't know how to fix it, I can help. The results that can be achieved with good copywriting are tangible, measurable, and pay for themselves many times over. However, poorly written content or content that isn’t the right fit for your brand and its target audience will cost you clients and revenue. Don’t settle for second best. If you need help with copywriting or content writing and want to work with a responsive professional who delivers targeted, original content within your deadline, every time without fail – get in touch.

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    Hi! I'm here to ease your workload and clarify your brand messaging to make marketing feel more natural and help you connect with your ideal clients. Are you a busy woman creative, solopreneur or business owner and probably domestic CEO to boot? Do you need strategic online or printed content that will help you sell more of your products or services? Here's how I can help you... · Fresh copy Brand new copy to engage your audience and guide them to take action. Authentic, human messaging to stand out in your market. · Revitalised content Refresh your brand voice, show your current offers and be more strategic. Upgrade to copy that helps your business flourish. For a no-commitment quote, send me an email. Or perhaps you’d prefer my signature service… · Content Clinic Immediate remedies to make your current digital copy work harder for you. Fast, effective solutions to a bout of content ailments. I’ll review your existing copy and provide valuable guidance to help you: • improve your website, online profiles, newsletters, blog or social media content • identify and strengthen your unique brand voice • hone your sales messages • resonate more with your target audience • guide them to taking the action you want. I do my research and come prepared. No waffle, all purpose. Just like the copy we’ll produce! 3 Content Clinic options available: Basic Copy review + 10-minute video A great starter option to tweak your current copy and make it work better for you. Investment: £100 Standard Copy review + 1 x 1-hour online meeting Let’s work together to get the best results. Investment: £200 Premium Copy review + 2 x 1-hour online meetings A deep dive to give you plenty of fresh copy ideas. Investment: £400 Book your Content Clinic now! Just send me an email using one of the contact buttons on this page. I can't wait to hear from you! Let's plant the seed words to make your business bloom. P.S. New website coming soon!

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    "Helen writes high-quality authoritative content that resonates with our target audience and inspires them to take action. She simply takes the brief and works her magic." Hi, I’m an experienced, friendly, and flexible Freelance Marketing Copywriter. I write copy from a marketing point of view by understanding your customers, their pain points and what makes them want to buy. I have a Masters in Marketing, a degree in Psychology, and the experience and passion to pick the right words to tell your compelling story. WHO I WORK FOR Based in Goring-on-Thames, Berkshire, I work with blue-chip clients, marketing and media agencies, SMEs, and sole traders across the UK. WHAT I HELP WITH * SEO website content * Lead-converting landing pages * Informative blog posts * Engaging social media content and post design * Motivating email campaigns and newsletters * Newsworthy articles and press releases * Relatable testimonials and case studies * Award-winning nomination entries * Responsive complaint response letters * Editing and proofreading anything from brochures to business proposals WHY CHOOSE ME Choose me and benefit from an experienced and commercially aware marketing and copywriting professional who writes copy and content that delivers the results you need. I write motivating copy that persuades and resonates with your audience to encourage action and engagement with your business. I develop content that educates, informs, tells your brand story, and entertains your readers to build trust and reassurance. As a healthcare specialist, I write clear and compelling copy that breaks down industry jargon and complex subject matter into easily digestible content. My blogs have been accredited by Findspot. I can turn my hand to any industry and bring a fresh approach to your communications. LET'S CHAT Call me for a free 15-minute consultation to find out more about your copywriting needs and answer your questions. I quickly gain a full understanding of your company including your tone of voice, written style, and values. This enables me to write distinctive and cohesive content that tells your customers what you have to offer and why they should choose you. Find out more about me, read my case studies, and book your free 15-minute appointment at: WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY ABOUT ME “Helen is extremely professional and knowledgeable and adapts her writing style to suit various media channels. Helen goes over and above to research subject matter and provides high-quality inspiring content, which is interesting and suitable for the varying audiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen to any of my contacts, she is easy to work with and nothing is ever too much trouble." Nicola Morgan, Regional Digital Marketing Southern Region, Ramsay Health Care UK. “Helen was a Copywriter for our biggest national client after being chosen as the lead copywriter for their blog. Her work was always spot on, perfectly aligned with the brief, and delivered on time. She has done an amazing job fulfilling very high client expectations. I would happily work with Helen in the future and would strongly recommend her." Kasia Bigda, Head of SEO, Greenwood Campbell I look forward to hearing all about your business and working with you soon. Portfolio: Email: Call: 07747 028436

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    With over 30 years of expertise in creating engaging user experiences, I have delivered content and thought-leadership for the Cabinet Office, Metropolitan Police, Cancer Research UK, PwC and other clients.About meI am a Senior Content Designer & Strategist with 30+ years' expertise spanning digital, print, and broadcast media. I have worked for blue chip clients such as the Cabinet Office, DWP, Metropolitan Police, PwC and Cancer Research UK.What I doUser-centric strategy: Crafting content that resonates, driving conversions and engagement.Seamless journeys: Building intuitive end-to-end user experiences for trust and loyalty.Data-driven impact: Leveraging analytics for targeted content and enhanced visibility.Conversion focus: Designing compelling content for tangible actions and results.Multi-platform proficiency: Tailoring content for diverse channels.Expertise & resultsTurning complex processes into intuitive, user-friendly journeys.Quoted in reputable publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, FT, Reuters and Investors' Chronicle.Led impactful B2B and B2C projects.Skilled in UX, SEO, service design, graphic design and more.What I can do for youEngaging ad copy: Compelling ads and advertorials driving clicks and conversions.Email campaigns: Nurturing leads, driving sales.Content audit: Boosting visibility and user experience.Persuasive website copy: Enhancing engagement and conversion.Captivating product descriptions: Highlighting features and benefits.Conversion-optimised landing pages: Encouraging action.Impactful social media content and strategy: Amplifying brand presence.Informative blog posts: Establishing authority, attracting traffic.Compelling case studies: Demonstrating product/service effectiveness.In-depth whitepapers: Showcasing industry expertise, generating leads.Attention-grabbing press releases: Announcing news, events.Effective video scripts: Conveying messages convincingly.Concise brochure copy: Showcasing offerings persuasively.Persuasive direct mail content: Driving offline engagement.Comprehensive eBooks and guides: Educating and engaging.Targeted PPC ad copy: Relevant and effective ad campaigns.Sales collateral: Supporting sales with impactful materials.Strategic content planning: Aligning content with brand goals.SEO-optimised content: Enhancing search engine visibility.Consistent brand messaging: Resonating with the audience.TOV and style guides: Creating effective brand communication.Training and coaching: Upskilling your in-house team.Let's connectBased in London and Narbonne in France, I'm ready to collaborate on your project.

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    You're busy, so let's keep this quick. Here are 4 questions my clients ask: ONE: How much do you charge for copywriting and content writing? Between £275 and £375 per day, depending on your business, the writing which is needed, and the deadline. Small businesses and charities generally pay less than agencies and larger businesses. Once we have a discovery call and I learn all about your business, I'll create a bespoke proposal outlining your whole project and the exact costs. You'll know the full costs of the project before you sign the contract. The only reason the price will change is if the scope changes, but we'll discuss this if it arises. TWO: Are you available now? Sort of. Very likely, yes. I intentionally leave lots of space in my diary for quick projects, such as a page of website copy, or a couple of blogs. So, if I can squeeze in some work I will. I really get a kick out of helping people, and I get that you might need some copy fast. Depending on the exact deadline you need (AKA: how late I'll have to work in the evening or if I'm working over a weekend) I might need to include a 25% rush fee. Generally, it takes around 6- 8 weeks to complete a copywriting project like a white paper or a full website. I can be booked for these projects 2- 3 months in advance. We can discuss exact deadlines in your discovery call. THREE: Are you an experienced copywriter? Yes. I've written everything from SEO blogs to Instagram captions to Deliveroo listings. I've written white papers and website copy. I've written newsletters and emails and product descriptions. I'm pretty gosh darn confident I could write anything you wanted. I mostly write for fabulous small UK business owners, but I've also worked with digital agencies, national brands, and international businesses. My writing has even appeared in the press, and I've got a burgeoning Substack newsletter. Head to my website for examples of my writing. FOUR: What happens when a client works with a copywriter?Everyone's got their own processes, but this is how I work best. 1. We start with a discovery call, which lasts up to 30 minutes. This is where I learn exactly what you’re looking for, the deadline, and your budget. 2. I’ll write you a proposal. If you’re happy to proceed, I’ll send you a contract and an invoice for 50% of the fee. 3. It's time for you to create a super detailed brief. I can help you with this. 4. I write your first draft and send it to you. You tell me about anything which needs to be edited. 5. I edit the first draft and send draft two back to you, with the final invoice. 6. You upload the copy to your website, or send it to your email list, or post on social media, and start engaging with your customers. 7. (And, perhaps you write me a lovely testimonial too? Hey, a girl can dream!) That's it! Easy, huh? "Bonnie refined my brand voice and optimised what I wanted to say into a condensed and easy- to- read format. All my conversations with Bonnie were natural and productive. She delivered all that she promised in a timely and professional manner." I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your business. Book a discovery call:

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    Remember the POP! 🎉 WHIZZ! ⚡ BANG! 💥 feeling you got the first time you chucked popping candy in your gob as a kid? Well, I add that same explosive energy into every piece of copy I write. So, if you want your business memorable, you need a copywriter who can write fun, chatty, human content that makes people listen to everything you have to say. Hey, I'm Matt, a chatty brand copywriter and tone of voice consultant for B2B & B2C businesses that want personality in their copy. If your: 🟡 Website isn't converting ⚪️ Articles aren't getting read ⚫️ Social posts are rarely liked, shared or commented on 🟡 Products or services aren't getting snapped up ⚪️ Newsletters are never opened Then, let's do something about it. Choose me and I'll write: 💥 Goolie-grabbing tone of voice guidelines 💥 Dead chatty websites 💥 Rib-tickling social posts 💥 Pun-tastic product descriptions 💥 Fun email funnels 💥 Awesome articles And loads more! You only get that by working with me! Let's chat! Visit my website at, send me a DM or email It doesn't matter what industry you work in, work with me and add a bit of POP! 🎉 WHIZZ! ⚡ BANG! 💥 to your copy.

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    I’m Jim, a freelance copywriter based in London – but you already knew half of that, didn’t you? That’s the introduction over. Now let’s get on with the important stuff. No doubt you’ve been clicking around this directory in search of a copywriter whose profile really speaks to you, and now your finger’s starting to ache. Your pain concerns me, so I’m hoping this’ll be the last click the old nose-picker makes today – at least in terms of finding a writer, that is. Of course, much like everyone else on here, I’m highly experienced (16 years copywriting and 25+ years working in sales and marketing). I’ve worked with SMEs, start-ups, agencies, and corporates (more than 200), and I can write pretty much any type of sales and marketing copy (though I can’t write nonsensical fluffy stuff or corporate nonsense). My successes are big: -Commercial interiors company – 20,000% ROI -Domestic plumbing company – 68% newsletter open rate and #1 ‘Holy Grail’ Google rankings -Record producer – 75% increase in bookings -Largest independent estate agency – 55 sales letters written (you know, the ones that convince people to sell their house, even when they had no initial intention of doing so) I could go on, but you get my drift… my writing works! Some of my clients are big, too: -Tesco -Haart estate agents -Weber BBQ -Wildfowl and Wetland Trust -Ricoh -Protect My Bubble However, I’m guessing you’re quite savvy – especially as you’re putting time and effort into finding the right copywriter. Therefore, you want more… you want a real value-add that’s going to make it more likely you’ll be skipping over the success winning line. That’s music to my ears… a client who won’t settle for mediocre. So, now you’re asking: “Okay, Jim, other than your sharp wit, good looks, and unrelenting charm, what’s so special about you?” It’s simple. I’m a salesman. I’ve had the good fortune (and misfortune) of running multiple businesses, so I truly understand what drives you and what I have to challenge within you to get the very best result. Yes, you read that right – challenge YOU. Sales, selling, sold… for many copywriters, these are actually dirty words. I know, crazy, isn’t it? But the bottom line is that that’s all I am, a bloke that sells stuff on behalf of clients, and I never forget that. It’s not about what I write; it’s about how we solve the problems of your potential customers, and how we edge them towards spending their money with you – not your competitors. When we speak, I’m going to make you think about your business in a way that you’ve never even considered. I’ll start by asking you the two simplest questions you’ve ever been asked; but I guarantee you’ll be absolutely stuck for the answers. That will be our starting point. And hey, you can challenge me too. Also, remind me to also tell you about KASUE: a sales methodology I created that’s 100% guaranteed to help you close any deal. It beautifully complements AIDCA, the most famous sales method in history, still used to this day. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about that too. Use another finger and get in touch with me right now. I’m waiting to hear from you. I’ve already got a shed load of ideas about your business, and you’d be mad not to hear them. Catch you shortly.

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    Looking for written content that engages and excites your future customers? I'll listen to what you want to achieve and guide you through the content marketing you need. Using my innate understanding of words, I create compelling copy that builds trust with your audience and inspires them to take action. Above all, you'll receive persuasive content crafted with a human touch. How I can help you ✅ Case studies - Close more sales using persuasive customer success stories ✅ Website copy - Create the right first impression with a website you're proud to share ✅ Articles - Increase enquiries with content that enhances your reputation ✅ White papers - Establish your authority with informative content for decision-makers About me Over the last 7 years, I've written for software companies, IT managed service providers and manufacturers amongst others. Before that I spent over 20 years working in technology for Accenture, Visa and other brands. But I'm more than a writer. You've already got enough to do without extra admin. That's why you'll get updates from me at every step to make it a hassle-free experience. And with my background as a project manager, I never miss a deadline. What customers say ⭐ "Working with Rob, you know you're in the hands of a professional copywriter. He's been a trusted partner for over 5 years, and we recommend him to our website clients." Steve Moncaster, Fivenines ⭐ "Rob really took the time to understand our business and clearly studied all of our branding material before writing any content for us. We'll definitely use Rob's services again." Charlotte Hooper, Baker Group ⭐ "Rob utterly nailed the case study brief I gave him. He's surpassed any expectations I had, and what he produced will be invaluable for my business." Nick Shaw, Always Networks Want me to write for your business? Email or hit the 'Send an email' button at the top of this page to arrange a free 20-minute call. Looking to find out more about me and my work? Visit my website

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    💥 Wouldn't it be amazing to work with someone who's been on your client's side of the table and knows how to write to provoke, educate, and inspire? As a marketing expert, this is your chance to work with a freelance B2B content writer and editor with a marketing background who requires no handholding, doesn't miss deadlines, and is a professional that you can trust. ✔That's one job you can strike off your task list 💪 My main focus is B2B content on sustainable workplaces, HR service providers, hospitality, and (mental) health and wellness. But don't let that stop you; I'm always eager to explore new territories. 🎯 Profit from my 20 years of experience and education in facility management, HR, hospitality, and IT management. And benefit from my passion for and knowledge of the outdoors, (exotic) pets, herbalism, and horticulture. 🎯 Rest assured that my deliverables are well-edited. I'm a proud member of CIEP, studying for that extra layer of copyediting. Dotting my i's and crossing my t's as we speak. 🎯 Combined with 9+ years as a translator, 5+ years as a writer, a keen interest in social psychology and training in inbound marketing, you can count on well-researched articles that grab your audience's attention from the very first word and deliver on their promise of education. 🎯 Let your content work for you, guiding your ideal clients at every step of their journey. This will leave you plenty of time to focus on your core business. ❓ Keywords important to you? Want your article in Google's top search results? Let's combine EEAT and SEO to make that happen. 📌 I am excited to learn about your unique challenges and discuss how my writing and editing services can help overcome them. So, let's connect. Reach out to me here, on LinkedIn or at #storytelling #contentwriting #sustainableworkplace #mentalhealth #healthyliving #biophilia

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    'Refreshingly different from the usual twaddle.' Or so one of my agency clients tells me. Hey, I’m Laura. I’ve been writing copy and content for well over a decade, parenting a wild child for six years, and failing to tame a crazy hairstyle for a lifetime. I’m a Leeds-based freelance copywriter. Business owners, like you, hire me to write and edit words that give your business personality and make you more money. You’re great at what you do. You’ve got fab ideas, you’re a laugh to be around, and you have a killer business approach that throws shade on your competitors. But if you’re a “synergy-focussed solutions expert with a passion for customer care”, no one’s going to have a bloody clue what you’re on about. Your copy needs to be free from naff jargon, full of personality, friendly to Google, and fire up your customers to think: ‘Hey, it’s YOU I need to buy from.’ But how do you do that? Hire a freelance copywriter and content writer, like me. I’ll save you time, reduce your stress and build your business with the words that sell your stuff to the right people. Nosy at my website for other people's opinions about me and how much I charge (let's be honest, that's what you want to know, right?).

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    Hola, I'm Laura Imogen, your new copywriting and content consultant. I write creative and thoughtful content that's on your customers' wavelength. Make sure your online and offline presence truly connects with your customers through great copywriting and strategically planned content. Let's get started today.

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    I am a London-based freelance copywriter with 10 years' experience. I help you promote your brand with impactful, deeply-researched and high quality content. I have worked with clients in multiple industries, including B2B tech, e-commerce, engineering, healthcare, finance, motoring - and much more besides. I will work closely with you to understand your brand, your vision, and how you want to talk about your business. I then produce a wide variety of content to educate people about what you do, get them excited, and get them to pick up the phone. Contact me today to talk about how I can help you with: - Blogs - Whitepapers - Copyediting or proofing projects - Press releases - Brochures, presentations or speeches - SEO website rewrites - Category page projects I have worked on copywriting projects with major global companies (think Microsoft, ASICS, Arup...), start-ups, non-profits and media organisations. I have also worked as a journalist and sub-editor on UK national papers and written for the likes of the BBC, Mail on Sunday, the Independent, Reuters, The European, Cycling Plus, E&T, Londonist and many other publications - so you can expect the highest editorial standards when you work with me. I launched as a freelancer full time in January 2018, after three years at a successful London marketing agency where I headed up a team of writers. Contact me today to talk about your project! See what my customers say: "Len is a consummate professional who I've had the pleasure of working with over the past several years. Through this time our website traffic has surged from zero to tens-of-thousands per month, based largely on the thoroughly well researched articles with an SEO focus Len has written for us" - Alex Meredith - Marketing Manager - Epsy "Len is one of the most reliable copywriters I've had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail and understanding of brand tones of voice has helped to create world class commercial and informational content for a number of brands we work with. Len always goes the extra mile by conducting his own research to truly understand a topic, and will always ensure that any work delivered is to the highest standard" - Craig Pavitt - SEO Strategist - Re:signal. "Len has provided support writing B2B content about complex technology and engineering topics for a variety of our clients since 2019. We are very satisfied with the quality of his work. He has the capability to make material which is technical in nature come alive. Also he has some very good ideas. Recommended." - Stéphane Viaud-Murat - CEO - Mi4 "Len has consistently delivered to us interesting and well written articles, since the early stages of our company. Len has a great ability to have a range of topics and requests dropped on him, and from that can produce original content that reads like he’s been in the particular industry for many years. Some of our best performing articles have come from Len. I would recommend very, very highly" - David Hodkinson - CEO - Xace.

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